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Manufacturers define grating as a symmetrical assortment of similar, parallel and extended materials, can be components of any type. Gratings can come in each single and twin set, which can be perpendicular to the first one and is defined by mesh or grid in industrial terms. Gratings get their definition and which means from their multitude industrial forms like fiberglass grating, bar grating, plastic gratings, steel grates, aluminum grating, galvanized grating and various applications like grating as walkways, grating as steel floor, grating as filters, mesh, air vents and bridge decks. These gratings are often used for building bridges, decks, walkways, filters, air vents, steel bars, iron bars, drain covers, and mesh media to filter residue from fluids.


FRP Grating is industrially defined as fiberglass reinforced plastic grating. FRP is a kind of grating that shows higher strength and excellent sturdiness in harsh working conditions. FRP grating features resistance from corrosion caused due to exposure to atmospheric gasses and resistance from sparking or semiconducting things. The applications of FRP gratings vary from nature of operation and surroundings but their durable frame structure and material design permit these grating to perform for a much longer lifetime. This sort of grating includes entire class of fiberglass and plastic gratings.


Steel grating, stainless-steel grating or bar grating is manufactured using bearing bars having cross bars welded perpendicularly on symmetrical spacing to secure the position of bearing bars. The thickness, depth, and spacing of bearing bars beside standard spacing of cross bars define the load carrying capability of steel gratings at the time of heavy duty freight transporting or heavy weight transport. There are several substances from which gratings are manufactured. Stainless steel grating in Singapore is mostly used for top traffic floor places. The aluminum grating is useful in terms of strength to weight ratio. They are corrosion resistant and sparking. On the opposite hand, stainless-steel grating is best for places with elevated temperatures and corrosive environments.

Stainless steel grating in Singapore 256x193
Stainless steel grating in Singapore 256×193


GRP grating is defined as glass reinforced plastic grating is also usually called industrial floor grating. This GRP grating supply larger material advantages as compared to different grating counterparts. Glass reinforced grating for glass doors are also provided by the glass door supplier in Singapore.  GRP grating is widely occupied for its glorious strength, durability, and resistance from corrosion, slip and impact in flooring applications.


It is a typical oldest style of the grating. It is employed in highways, bridges mezzanines, and plant floors. It is suited for applications where stiffness and strength are the main objectives.


  1. Ease of Installation.
  2. Most Favorable in terms of Slip resistant Flooring.
  3. Provides Strength, sturdiness.
  4. Can be fabricated in accordance together with your need.
  5. The spacing between floor coverings reduces ventilation.
  6. Ease of installation ends up in value reduction due to less labor demand.
  7. The requirement for maintenance is almost less.
  8. Aluminum grating alongside being light weighted provides resistance against corrosion.

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