Why should we learn Python?

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Python has collected a lot of interest recently as a choice of language for data analysis. Here are some reasons which go in favor to learn Python for data analysis.

  • It is an open Source – free to install
  • It has awesome online community
  • It is very easy to learn
  • It can become a mutual language for data science and making of web based analytics products.
  • It is an understood language rather than compiled language – hence might take up more CPU time. Though, given the reserves in programmer time, it might still be a good optimal.

This is one of the most discussed topics in Python. You will always cross paths with it, especially if you are a learner. Here is no right/wrong choice. It entirely depends on the situation and your need to use. We will try to give you some pointers to help you make a knowledgeable choice. There is no clear victor but I suppose the bottom line is that you should focus on learning Python as a language. Shifting between varieties should just be a matter of time. Stay tuned for a dedicated article on Python.

Which is the popular tool?

It is a progressively popular tool for data analysis. In recent years, a number of libraries have reached adulthood, allowing to takebenefit of the beauty, elasticity, and performance of Python without surrendering the functionality these older programs have gathered over the years. We are intentional to offer asummary to Python exactly tailored for social scientists and people doing practical data analysis .Users with little or no serious software designinvolvement who just want to get things done, and who have experience with programs somewhat better.

  1. A group of four numbered tutorials that cover core skills everyone needs to work in Python in social science. we recommend you visit these in order a site for setting up Python on your computer using the Anaconda delivery, an intro to Python for those not familiar with the language, an summary to the pandas library for working with tabular data and a guide to connecting libraries to expand Python.
  2. In topic pages, which you should feel free to jump through as suitable for your purposes. The topic pages also include two topics that are a little rare, but I think possibly quite useful: guide toreceiving effective help online, and capitals on evidence-based research on how to teach software design for anyone education this material.
  3. That we use resources on tools and programs you may come across while using Python with images of the tool, route on what you need to know most, and contacts to other tutorials.

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