Features of wind farm vessel

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A wind farm vessel is a vessel specifically designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines. Almost like a jack up self-propelled liftboat. To enable fast relocation within the wind farm it is self-propelled. It additionally contains a slender ship-shaped hull to attain a fast turnaround time with the vessel carrying many foundations or wind turbines every time.

Much more than the vessel

Offshore wind farm projects are getting much more of a challenge, with turbines moving to deeper waters far from land. It is an entirely new situation with better human and financial risks. The installation task itself is moving from relatively protected positions to the harsh weather and waves of the high seas. Turbines are being installed altogether seasons. And everything is becoming much bigger and heavier.

That is why installing foundations and turbines in a progressively challenging world is not any longer a job for anyone with a vessel and a crew alone. The difference lies in the documentation, know-how, flexibility of the fleet, and cooperation.

Own vessels, own crews – a difference value knowing about

We maintain and operates a number of the industry’s most subtle vessels and equipment, specially designed for turbine installation. We presently have the best capability of any company within the offshore wind industry and continue to make important investments in larger and additional flexible vessels for the future. In doing so we can remain at the leading edge of the wind industry and our customers’ projects can still be carried out on time and on budget with excellence in safety.

We always use our own crews and operate and maintain our own vessels. This provides us absolute control over our work practices and means that we can make sure the highest standards of safety and quality.

The right tools for the work

Some wind farm planners prefer to specify the very latest generation of vessels for all their installation work. Yet in our expertise, that spans many various types of vessels and wind farms, the ability to pick and choose among completely different vessels is a must for efficient and cost-effective installation.

“If all you’ve got is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail,” “There is not any space for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach once it involves selecting that vessels are right for the work. Instead, what customers are best served by being a flexible fleet, which will be organized to precisely fit the task? “Looking for Liftboat for windfarm, visit Thong Yong Marine Group now!

Home Wind Turbines: Important Factors to Consider

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Energy from windmills can store money on electric payments if they’re properly set up and maintained. It’s critical to buy the right turbine for your house and needs so that you can maximize financial savings.

Residential windmills are much like the ones discovered on huge Wind farm maintenance, besides scaled to residential or agricultural regions. The unmarried generators produce less than one hundred KW of energy, which remains enough to energy a trendy home, provide backup strength in case of grid failure, or to complement electricity use inside the home and cut utility expenses.

A robust, pretty constant wind is vital for the mills to generate energy. Other concerns which can have an effect on your selection to put in a turbine consist of a length of your home, your municipality’s zoning rules on tall structures, and the probably excessive funding fee of set up.

Windmills can produce an ok quantity of electricity to offset their expenses at average wind speeds of 10 MPH or higher. Lower annual common wind speeds will still offer electricity, just no longer very lots as compared to the costs of putting in a turbine.

The quantity of power generated by a turbine can trade via the hour as wind speeds change. The wind velocity will dramatically affect the energy-producing potential of your turbine. For instance, doubling of wind pace will growth strength era 8 instances. Conversely, electricity era drops 25% with just a 10% lower in wind velocity.

Due to the variance in wind pace and power era worried to your wind power device, there might be instances when you generate extra power than your property can use, and vice versa. It may be possible to enter into an agreement together with your electric powered application called net metering or internet billing, wherein your own home meter runs both guidelines. When the skies are calm, you are charged to take electricity from the grid, and when a hurricane blows via, the application buys extra strength out of your turbine.

To maximize the efficiency of your wind strength gadget, ensure the turbine isn’t always obstructed through tall bushes, silos, or hills that could slow the velocity of the wind reaching your windmill. Wind velocity is maximized on the tops of hills or the seashores of lakes and oceans, so if your property can utilize these types of areas, your power generation will boom.

While your neighbors may additionally applaud your initiative in putting in renewable energy to your backyard, it’s nevertheless vital to tell them of your plans before a one hundred foot tower is mounted on your home. Windmills do make noise, so a safe distance of 250 yards should be maintained between your turbine and the homes of your buddies.

Turbines come in two essential sorts: horizontal and vertical axis turbines. Horizontal axis models are the maximum not unusual, together with a turbine and a tail to influence the structure within the course of the wind. Vertical axis models can generate strength no matter which direction the wind is blowing, however, their structures require more area.

Self Elevating Units

self elevating jack up can also be labeled as cellular vs movable. Mobile units are designed to move from works region to paintings location in a semi-everyday basis, with particularly low making plans/attempt. On the alternative hand, movable gadgets have the potential to transport from one area to any other, however, the circulate might also require some instruction and effort, specifically if piles or suction cans are used, or if the jacking gadget is eliminated after installation.

Some devices are self-propelled and some aren’t. Typically, backups and lift barges aren’t self-propelled and require towing to move from website to website. Usually, liftboats are on the pass a lot greater frequently than backups and raise barges, as they are typically ready with a propulsion machine and now and again with a DP (dynamic positioning) device. For this reason, liftboat in Singapore is typically designed with a bow form geared toward enhancing transit pace. Jackups and lift barges usually have very blunt bow shapes.

Importance of freight forwarding:

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Freight forwarding is a business association wherein a third party organization arranges garage and transport of merchandise on behalf of its customers. Freight forwarders have expertise and know-how concerning uploading and exporting merchandise through customs services. The freight forwarder has the most present-day statistics concerning the customs policies of other international locations and might fill out all the essential office work, pay the required tariffs or manage different taxes. This prevents the employer’s shipment from sitting within the loading dock whilst the organization’s shipping manager struggles to record strange office work.


Freight forwarding Singapore offer assistance to the client on a way to bundle their merchandise for export. Packaging that would typically be used for shipping won’t be sufficient for prolonged transportation in which the objects may be both loaded in a field or loaded and unloaded several times alongside the path.


To accomplish this, freight forwarders come to be specialists in managing the logistics essential to ensure that goods arrive on time. Successful trade and delivery in expanding globalized markets way having the right gear at your disposal. Negotiating tariffs, customs regulations and being fluent in the requirements of transport by land, sea, rail, and air, freight forwarders control the dangers and advantages of delivery both nationally and across the world using the modern advances in records generation.

Freight forwarding can offer an organization includes change-related offerings, in step with Business Link. Such services include handling all documentation for shipments, inclusive of the invoice of lading and bank papers to release price. A freight forwarder also gives coverage offerings for all shipped merchandise and manages the inventory so the accurate amount of products is transported. Freight forwarding groups usually deliver goods beneath their own bills of lading. When the shipment arrives at its destination, freight-forwarding friends at the destination (as an instance, remote places freight forwarders) provide document shipping and freight series offerings.

Preparing delivery and export files: This is an area where freight forwarding companies virtually shine. Because they ship a high volume of products across global borders, they have the specialized understanding of the documentation that is required.

Warehousing: Freight forwarders both run their own warehouses in several places or they could hire area in locations they don’t carrier themselves.

Booking shipment area: Knowing who to name while you want to deliver to a certain place, and which carriers are pleasant at serving which vacation spot, offers freight forwarders an advantage on the subject of shipping international or even to many local domestic markets.

Negotiating freight expenses: Because freight forwarders ship a high volume of products, they can generally negotiate better costs from a transportation organization. Turning several small shipments containing goods from several customers into one massive shipment at a reduced fee.

The door to door logistics:

Price Competitiveness: They could provide lower freight costs due to their lower overhead, charges and career alternatives. They commonly have greater aggressive pricing and can be extra aggressive service and verbal exchange as well. Their community of marketers allows them to the training session the high-quality pricing based totally on your requirements. The multinational freight forwarders have connections with a choose few carriers for an ocean, air, and land freight. The door to door logistics Singapore service combines the advantages of shipping perfectly, growing new ability for improved provider first-class and decreased price.  The impartial freight forwarders have many extra picks on selecting the nice routing, carrier, price combination.  They also can more easily adapt and exchange their operations and IT answers to cater at once toward you, the importer or exporter.

In the realm of logistics offerings, there are some of the exceptional varieties of delivery alternatives that groups can pick out to apply to ensure that their merchandise turns out to be wherein they want to be. Some of these types include the automobile getting used to moving the product such as dry van shipping whilst others describe the overall technique as in door-to-door transport.

Importance of using solar energy

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Read on to learn some benefits related to solar energy in Singapore

Solar energy is obtained from the sun’s radiation and it can be converted to electricity or heat. It is freely available and thanks to advances in technology, we can now harness even more of the solar energy that is continuously available to us. Here are 7 benefits related to this renewable source of energy.

Impact on the environment

Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source. It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water. It also requires very little water for its maintenance, unlike nuclear power plants, for example, needing 20 times more water. Solar energy production does not create any noise, which is a major benefit since a lot of solar installations are in urban areas.

Reduce our energy bill

Generating our own electricity means that we will be using less from the utility supplier. This will immediately translate into savings on our energy bill. Plus, we can also make money by selling the unused electricity, which we have generated, back to the grid. The more energy we generate, the less we will need from the supplier which will enhance our energy self-reliance.

Energy production matches the time frame of higher demand

Energy needs tend to be higher in the 11:00-16:00-time frame and then early in the evening. Naturally, this is the period when the price of the electricity peaks. Solar energy happens to reach its most production capacity during those hours. Electricity produced at that time has a higher value than if it was generated at night. With the additional electricity input of solar energy, prices in those time frames could be driven down to a level close to those of night hours.

Solar energy is applicable everywhere

As long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be deployed everywhere. This is mainly used for remote regions with no access to any other source of electricity. There is a vast amount of people around the world with no access to electricity. Independent solar systems could be deployed in those regions and develop the lives of millions of people. Moreover, solar energy is also used to power up spacecraft and boats.

Less electricity lost during long-distance transport

Some of the energy, around 3-5%, is lost during transportation and distribution. The longer the distances between the production and the supply points, the more energy is lost. Those lose might not seem important but they can influence the performance of the installation in regions with high population density. Having solar panels on the roof or in the yard significantly reduces this distance, therefore increasing the efficiency of the electrical system.

Improves grid security

The grid is less vulnerable to blackouts if there are many power plants which are spread out. A grid with high penetration of solar energy has thousands of energy production centers which are widely spread out. This improves the security of the grid in case of overload, natural or human-caused disasters. To read more about renewable energy companies in Singapore click here.


Want to know about Shuttle Based Storage:

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Shuttle-based compact systems are new automatic multi-deep unit-load storage structures with lifts that promise each low running fee and massive quantity flexibility. Due to extra and smaller order sizes with the huge product range and faster deliveries, cloths dealing with vendors are growing new answers. To meet this call for in throughput and constraints on shipping times in warehouses, tour based completely garage/retrieval structures are superior in automatic fabric coping with an agency. This new generation is advanced as an opportunity to mini-load wherein it can’t manage the desired throughput potential. In this technology, regularly elevators lifting tables capable of a vertical motion of masses (totes) percent and single mast to move totes from horizontally scrolling journey providers to enter/output places and vice versa. Radio Shuttle storage system are typically tier-captive, but a few one-of-a-kind designs with pass back and forth companies journeying among stages and aisles can also be considered. Modern warehouses have to be able to reply every efficiently and responsively to purchase call for with constantly converting assortments.

Today response times to dynamic demand are frequently just a few hours, and contact for volumes show huge fluctuations. Traditional automatic unit-load garage systems do now not perform well in such contexts, as they’ll be costly and inflexible in dealing with fluctuating demand volumes. However, inside the last decade, new unit-load garage and retrieval structures that supply both the promise of low working cost and inherent volume flexibility have emerged. One such technology, now delivered for unit-load storage and handling, is a travel based completely compact storage gadget the use lifts in the location of cranes.

Shuttle based totally storage and retrieval structures consist of lifting desk elevators constant with a mast, journey agencies, a place of buffers and the racks to keep. The lifting table elevators present vertical manner to acquire tier in the machine. Due to extra and smaller order sizes with the big product variety and faster deliveries, fabric handling carriers are growing new solutions. To meet this demand in throughput and constraints with reference to shipping instances in warehouses, travel based totally garage and retrieval devices are superior in automated fabric coping with a company. This new technology is superior as a possibility to mini-load crane primarily based automatic storage and retrieval structures in which it can’t manage the specified throughput capability.

Car Wash:

Auto wash sells vehicle wash tool from the arena’s leading vehicle wash producers. Our automobile wash systems encompass self-provider car wash equipment, touch free roll-overs, brush roll-overs, and phone free car washes, brush strain via structures, tunnel automobile washes, and conveyor vehicle washes.

Advantages of Using an Auto Car Wash:

Using an auto car wash in Singapore is an exquisite way to be environmentally conscious and resource in guarding the resale rate to your car. Automatic vehicle washes save water, reduce floor water pollutants, and preserve your automobile’s paint and end, and useful resource in keeping the resale cost of your car.

Reasons to Use an Auto Car Wash:

  • Washing your vehicle at home can without issue use a hundred and fifty gallons of water, wherein a hint a whole lot less or brushless car vehicle wash will use about 35 gallons.
  • The soaps and detergents used to scrub the automobile, at the side of the grunge that comes off it, can sink into the ground and pollute the community floor water shipping.
  • Auto car washes reclaim the water used for laundry. The water is wiped clean and handled earlier than being reused for later automobile washes.


Optimizing space and efficiency in deep-freeze warehouses

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ASRS are PC-controlled cloth coping with machines for robotically depositing, storing and retrieving pallet masses from defined garage places. Central to the bloodless cold room ASRS is the stacker crane, which allows full pallet load and layered-pallet stock to be moved quick, appropriately and exactly inner a high-bay warehouse environment. Stacker cranes offer reliability and accuracy that exceed the skills of forklift vans. Stacker cranes place their load right into a rack characteristic, and then retrieve a load from the garage on their way out, optimizing the crane’s movements. Forklift fans are confined to the greatest attain of around 32 feet, contemplating pallets to be placed into four vertical positions at the track machine. If a deep-freeze warehouse needs to keep more pallets, the most effective way it may move is horizontally through growing the footprint of the warehouse or building every other deep-freeze to deal with the greater pallet places.

Energy efficiency:

ASRS cranes are actually designed to supply strength performance in deep-freeze garage because of their flexibility. Warehouse cranes are typically optimized for peak throughput, acting many moves inside and out of the racking. These present day structures lessen power consumption with the aid of working servo-motors at variable speeds depending on the decision for load inside the warehouse. These systems additionally generate energy from decreasing they are delivered carriages, using their vehicles as a generator. Electricity is then positioned lower back into the principle energy delivery. The tool additionally contributes strength from friction whilst braking on down vertical movement. The strength regeneration can account for as plenty as 40% of the ASRS’ trendy power use.

Shuttle-based Compact Storage Systems:

Shuttle rack based compact systems are new computerized multi-deep unit-load garage structures with lifts that promise every low operational price and massive amount flexibility. In this paper, we boom novel queuing community fashions to estimate the general overall performance of each single-tier and multi-tier journey-based compact structures. Each tier is modeled as a multi-elegance semi-open queueing community because the vertical switch has modeled the use of an open queue. For a multi-tier device, the models like levels and vertical switch are linked together the use of the primary and 2d-second records of the queue departure policies. The fashions can manage both specialized and established commute rack and every continuous and discrete lift. The accuracy of the models is tested through each simulation and a real case. Errors are acceptable for conceptualizing first designs. Numerical studies give new layout insights. Modern warehouses ought that allows you to respond each efficiently and responsively to client name for with continuously converting assortments. Today reaction instances to dynamic demand are often only some hours, and call for volumes show superb fluctuations. Traditional automated unit-load garage systems do now not carry out nicely in such contexts, as they’re highly priced and rigid in dealing with fluctuating call for volumes. However, inside the final decade, new unit-load garage and retrieval systems that carry each the promise of low operational fee and inherent quantity flexibility have emerged. One such generation, now brought for unit-load storage and dealing with, is a tour-based totally absolutely compact garage system the use lifts and no longer cranes. A tier includes a hard and fast of multiple-deep garage lanes. Each lane holds a couple of hundreds of 1 product and the goods are randomly assigned to the storage lanes. A go-aisle is positioned within the center of the tier, taking walks orthogonal to the storage lanes. At every tier, a fleet of tier-captive shuttles moves the pallets within the garage lanes (x-path motion). A pass from side to side can journey along the cross aisle (y-direction movement) with the aid of switch automobile and might, therefore, get right of entry to any garage characteristic. An arriving transaction waits in a queue controlled in step with a number one-come-first served (FCFS) scheduling coverage. The later transaction is finished using the primarily available travel.

What is digital and voice picking system is all about?

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Voice Directed picking out (VDP) is a method of performing order choice in a warehouse or distribution core utilising verbal instructions, given to and received from a human order selector. The order selector often wears a headset/microphone combo, which is attached to a small manipulate unit worn around the waist. The manipulating unit is in charge of communicating Voice commands to the picker after which receiving spoke responses from the picker. The voice picking method is a manual system. All Voice conversation is transmitted to and from a server or host PC through radio waves or RF (short for Radio Frequency transmission). Please see that there are lots of other purposes, which will also be carried out utilising Voice within the warehouse other than order choice, and these can be mentioned in a later section. Functionally, VDP is enormously just like typical RF Scanner determining, despite the particular methods in which prompts are provided and responses are received are one of a kind. The program offered with the Voice procedure in most cases accomplishes this difference transparently, without affecting the host system.

Financial benefits Accuracy:

 Discount in error via supplying a fingers-free, eyes-up technological know-how that keeps staff focal point on the venture at hand. There is no longer the distraction watching a show or a bit of paper to understand the place to head or what to decide on next. The employee is directed through voice through the entire system, allowing them to be more alert and conscious while performing any measure of tasks.


When we consider that workers are more considering the venture they are performing and due to that they’re being directed by a voice and not having to stop or pause to seem at a display or a bit of paper, the worker is more fluid in his/her actions and competent to manoeuvre extra effectually for the duration of their day. Fewer steps to whole tasks in the course of the day – much less fumbling or suffering from other varieties of understanding – reduces lost time main to rapid warehouse throughput.

Digital picking:

Decide pick-to-light and digital pick system is each technology that can be used within a distribution core. Distribution centres almost always are called warehouses, despite the fact that this does not necessarily describe the operations which might be accomplished by the power. A distribution core provides value-introduced features moreover to product storage. Some distribution middle activities include: receiving product in trailer load or non-trailer load (full or partial trailers), delivery of like product in not up to trailer load quantities, transport of lower than a full case of a product, storage of the product, product pricing, returns to a seller, returns from a consumer, stock manipulate, submitting freight claims for broken product, transport in line with customer guidelines, and order selecting. When order selecting, the distribution middle would prefer full pallets, partial pallets, full cases, and less than case portions. For full pallet identifying, a distribution core would regularly select a pallet from pallet rack or bulk flooring places. For less than pallet or full case, picking out could be from pallet rack vicinity, a bulk ground region or perhaps a full case pick module. Not up to case quantity making a choice on makes use of one-of-a-kind material handling approaches and techniques. These can be as simple as static shelving or carton glide shelving or opt for the module to horizontal or vertical carousels; probably the most intricate could be an automatic storage and retrieval process.

How to use Warehouse Concepts and its Automation?

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Warehousing refers to the routine involving storage of items on an enormous scale in a scientific and orderly manner and making them available with ease when wanted. In other words, warehousing approach preserving or retaining items in enormous portions from the time of their buy or construction till their precise use or sale. Warehouse management system is one of the main auxiliaries to exchange. It creates time utility via bridging the time hole between creation and consumption of items. The amazing and effective administration of any group requires that everyone its constituent factors function effortlessly and effectually as character SBUs / services and collectively as an integrated entire company. Across the give chains, warehousing is a primary detail of exercise in the distribution of items, from raw materials and work in development via to completed products. It is the crucial phase to the give chain community inside which it operates and as such its roles and pursuits will have to synchronize with the targets of the offer chain. It is not a ‘Stand-alone’ detail of undertaking and it ought to now not be a susceptible link within the entire delivery chain community. Warehousing is steeply priced in terms of human resources and of the facilities and equipment required, and its efficiency will impact straight on overall provide chain efficiency. Insufficient design or managing of warehouse methods will jeopardize the success of required purchase carrier levels and the protection of inventory integrity, and outcomes in unnecessarily excessive charges. The up to date developments and pressures on give chain / logistics-endlessly growing patron career stages, inventory optimization, time compression, and rate minimization –have inevitably converted the structure of providing chains and the region and working of warehouses inside the delivery chains community.

Need for Warehousing:

Warehousing is essential due to the following explanations.

(I)    Seasonal constructions -we are aware of that agricultural commodities are harvested in the course of precise seasons; however, their consumption or use takes the situation for the duration of the year. For this reason, there is a want for right storage or warehousing for these commodities, from where they can be provided as and when required.
(ii)    Seasonal demands- there are specific items that are demanded seasonally, like woolen clothes in winters or umbrellas within the rainy season. The creation of those items takes situation throughout the 12 months to fulfill the seasonal demand. So there’s a have to store these goods in a warehouse to make them available at the time of need.
(iii)    enormous-scale creation – In the case of manufactured goods, nowadays creation takes place to fulfill the prevailing as well as the future demand for the products. Producers additionally produce goods in massive range to revel in the benefits of huge-scale construction, which is more cost-effective. So the finished products, which might be produced on a big scale, have to be stored safely till they’re cleared via revenue.

How does warehouse automation reduce costs?

We get the fine return on funding through streamlining our logistic techniques in response to our natural ability. An absolutely computerized warehouse works non-stop, 24/7 if imperative, and is even in a place to develop our throughput ability. We need personnel and might cut the measure of shifts on our operations. Automation solves the hindrance of getting to demand better productivity out of our labor drive or growing overhead costs by hiring more staff.

Reduced carbon footprint:

An automated warehouse is compact, requiring the less constructing house. This means our goods are stored more effectually and not more lighting fixtures and heating are required. Automating guide tasks also results in a reduction of our paper usage. Power recuperation on tanker cranes during braking and reducing reduces direct vigor consumption via up to forty% and results in lessening top demand.

Accurate forecasting:

Automated warehouse management system raises the predictability of our inside logistics. We need less time on our work employees planning, deliveries are treated with larger efficiency and we already know what stock we will have available at any given second.

Tracking & tracing of goods



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Manufacturers define grating as a symmetrical assortment of similar, parallel and extended materials, can be components of any type. Gratings can come in each single and twin set, which can be perpendicular to the first one and is defined by mesh or grid in industrial terms. Gratings get their definition and which means from their multitude industrial forms like fiberglass grating, bar grating, plastic gratings, steel grates, aluminum grating, galvanized grating and various applications like grating as walkways, grating as steel floor, grating as filters, mesh, air vents and bridge decks. These gratings are often used for building bridges, decks, walkways, filters, air vents, steel bars, iron bars, drain covers, and mesh media to filter residue from fluids.


FRP Grating is industrially defined as fiberglass reinforced plastic grating. FRP is a kind of grating that shows higher strength and excellent sturdiness in harsh working conditions. FRP grating features resistance from corrosion caused due to exposure to atmospheric gasses and resistance from sparking or semiconducting things. The applications of FRP gratings vary from nature of operation and surroundings but their durable frame structure and material design permit these grating to perform for a much longer lifetime. This sort of grating includes entire class of fiberglass and plastic gratings.


Steel grating, stainless-steel grating or bar grating is manufactured using bearing bars having cross bars welded perpendicularly on symmetrical spacing to secure the position of bearing bars. The thickness, depth, and spacing of bearing bars beside standard spacing of cross bars define the load carrying capability of steel gratings at the time of heavy duty freight transporting or heavy weight transport. There are several substances from which gratings are manufactured. Stainless steel grating in Singapore is mostly used for top traffic floor places. The aluminum grating is useful in terms of strength to weight ratio. They are corrosion resistant and sparking. On the opposite hand, stainless-steel grating is best for places with elevated temperatures and corrosive environments.

Stainless steel grating in Singapore 256x193
Stainless steel grating in Singapore 256×193


GRP grating is defined as glass reinforced plastic grating is also usually called industrial floor grating. This GRP grating supply larger material advantages as compared to different grating counterparts. Glass reinforced grating for glass doors are also provided by the glass door supplier in Singapore.  GRP grating is widely occupied for its glorious strength, durability, and resistance from corrosion, slip and impact in flooring applications.


It is a typical oldest style of the grating. It is employed in highways, bridges mezzanines, and plant floors. It is suited for applications where stiffness and strength are the main objectives.


  1. Ease of Installation.
  2. Most Favorable in terms of Slip resistant Flooring.
  3. Provides Strength, sturdiness.
  4. Can be fabricated in accordance together with your need.
  5. The spacing between floor coverings reduces ventilation.
  6. Ease of installation ends up in value reduction due to less labor demand.
  7. The requirement for maintenance is almost less.
  8. Aluminum grating alongside being light weighted provides resistance against corrosion.