What are the Types of ceiling Fans for a Home?

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Fans are come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Choosing the correct fan for your home depends on of these factors – and more. You want to additionally consider the ceiling height, space lighting, and location. . Knowing the different types of cheap and good ceiling fan in Singapore are available can help you make a better decision for room in your home.


Standard fans mount on diagonal ceilings with a down rod, a metal pipe that connects the motor housing to the mounting bracket that permits the ceiling fan blades to hold at least seven feet above the floor as required by the National electrical Code. These styles of fans are meant for rooms with a ceiling height of eight feet or larger.


Low profile fans, also referred to as hugger ceiling fans or flush mount ceiling fans, install directly on the mounting bracket that secures the fan against the ceiling. Use these styles of fans in rooms wherever the ceiling height is less than eight feet. This application permits the fan blades to rest seven feet above the ground.


Ceiling fans with integrated lighting merge two valuable household fixtures, your ceiling fan and your light into one. Integrated light kits are compatible with incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent light-weight bulbs; and may direct lighting up or down depending on the glass shade’s design. The glass shades are available a spread of designs and colours to enhance the ceiling fan’s overall style.


Outdoor fans embrace moisture-resistant motor housings and all weather blades that battle warping. Outdoor ceiling fans are classified into 2 categories, UL-rated damp ceiling fans and UL-rated wet ceiling fans. These varieties of fans often include natural style elements such as bamboo or palm leaf blades. Wet ceiling fans are appropriate for exposed areas like gazebos, patios, and porches. A wet-rated ceiling fan is acceptable for damp and dry locations; but, a damp-rated fan is not applicable for wet locations, and an inside fan is only appropriate for dry locations.


Energy Star rated ceiling fans feature energy efficient motors and aerodynamic blades, which permit the ceiling fan to operate on less energy. These styles of fans are a minimum of 20 % more efficient than standard ceiling fans. Energy Star fans with integrated lights are 50 % additional economical than normal ceiling fans with lights.


From aviation-themed to Tuscan-inspired, fans are available a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Choosing the correct fan for your home depends on all these factors – and additional. You must also consider the ceiling height, space lighting, and location. Knowing the different sorts of fans available will help you build an informed decision for any room in your home.


Remote control ceiling fan is a good ceiling fan in Singapore. It offers the modern convenience of adjusting multiple fan speeds and lighting with the press of a button. A remote control transmits a unique frequency to the receiver set in the cover, prompting changes in speed, direction, or lighting. Some ceiling fan remotes will transmit frequency among a 40-foot to 50-foot vary. A ceiling fan with remote control is ideal for individuals who cannot reach the fan to create adjustments.


Desk fans, also known as work surface fans, are a portable cooling resolution for small spaces. Use these fans in rooms move in size from 75 square feet to 120 sq. feet, like a cubicle or a home office. A rotary switch adjusts the flow while a toggle switch permits the fan head to pivot from side to aspect. Some table fans include a knob that adjusts the fan head’s angle.


Wall fans are the ultimate space saving fan. These fans mount on to your wall, freeing up room on your floors and desks. Several wall mounted fans have head tilts and on/off oscillation controls. These fans produce low-pressure airflow with a low volume. This means they can be used as each a ventilation and cooling system.



The modern ceiling fans with advancement in energy consumption

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The excessive waft of air ceiling fans flow into number of airs and eat less vigor than usual enthusiasts. These fans are ideal for garages, warehouses and out-of-doors areas like our terrace and structure. After we buy a ceiling fan with the excessive float of air we get an extra bonus: high-airflow enthusiasts should not in a place to drive off mosquitoes and distinct grounds pests.


So as to add lights or to not add lights, that is the question. Settling on a ceiling fan with lighting fixtures would be a topic of the non-public option. If we must put the fan in an exceeding house with smart ordinary lights or secure lighting fixtures, buy the contemporary modern ceiling fan in Singapore. If condominium may use a lift of basic lighting; opt for a ceiling fan with a mild weight package. Today’s enthusiasts send a type of lights sources – grouping, fluorescent or diode.

Ceiling Fan 254x191
Ceiling Fan 254×191


Most ceiling fans give a basic pull administration that adjusts the fan speed and lighting fixtures. Nevertheless, there are 3 forms of fan controls to choose from.

  • Far off – the hand-held remote presents the foremost convenience of the entire fan control picks. The light-weight and portable management operated among a thirty to 50-foot very, growing it excellent for prime ceiling fans and hard to get places. Hand-held far off ceiling enthusiasts are best for bedrooms.
  • Wall manages – The wall control option allows for us to manage the fan pace, path and lighting fixtures with the press of a button. The stationary remote entails as much as forty ft, growing it superb for households with youngsters. A wall management is right for kitchens, eating rooms, dwelling rooms and multi-intent rooms.
  • Pull variety – The pull offers general fan management and is proper for areas with low visitors like a visitor discipline. The effortless-to-reach fan management is additionally best for low profile ceiling fan.

Style, Finish, and color:

The proper ceiling fan price in Singapore can complement our dwelling decor comfortably. Before we buy a ceiling fan, look out for the following:

  • Modern – brand new ceiling fans are a just right addition to any trendy and transmutation residence. The fashionable vogue lover’s characteristic clean lines; glossy antimony finishes, and stripped adornment. Purchase a ceiling fan with a contemporary believe and check out it with casual present day fixtures, ordinary textiles like cotton, linen or wool, and chrome, nickel or stainless steel hardware. A daring color palette and geometric accents convey the planning along.
  • Tropical – Tropical ceiling fans complement coastal, island, and maritime house interiors. The island-influenced ceiling fans function bamboo, average palm leaf and rattan blades with distressed timber finishes. To get this look, buy a ceiling fan with a tropical suppose and take a look at it with rattan furnishings, vibrant colors and typical patterns, tropical flowers, and plants, and handcrafted matters.
  • Rustic – Rustic ceiling fans are trying well with a nation, mission and western interiors. The country-prompted ceiling fans feature straight traces and darkies’ timber finishes with homespun accents. To acquire this seem, purchase a ceiling fan for a nation appear and try it with resort-variety fixtures, look at red or patterned prints, over sewn accents like baskets, carved wood bowls and pottery, and hand-cast metallic accents. Delicate muted colors, hand-hewn timber and hand-solid metallic accents spherical out this seem.
  • Finish/color – after getting bought our vogue picked out, we may probably be speculative the way to decide on a ceiling fan color and finish. The main imperative aspect to consider once deciding upon a color for our ceiling fan is to affirm the down rod suits the rest of the fan. One other intelligent strategy is to compare our ceiling fan’s color to it of the major wonderful hardware choices inside the field.