Benefits of buying flowers online

Posted On Oct 23 2017 by

Buying flowers in singapore from online flower dealers is as simple as children play. Several online flower delivery stores offer a large selection of fresh flowers for online shoppers. These online stores also offer Singapore florist delivery online.

Online Flowers with extra goodies

Online florists also give options of including special gestures in form of greeting cards, soft toys, delicious cakes, chocolates, cookies & gift baskets.

 Flowers for decorations

Online florists also offer flowers in bulk to restaurants, clubs and other social places for decoration. Flowers are also used for decorating homes, offices, temples, and churches. All these places need flowers in large quantities to enhance the environment & attract positive vibes around the building. To cater all these needs, a huge floral industry is required.

 Safe & easy mode of payment

Another advantage that online flower stores provide to the online customer is credit/debit card payment choice. Renowned online florists have safe & secured payment portal where account details of the customers are fully protected & never disclosed.

Buy online wholesale flowers

Flower delivery is greatly popular when dealing with wholesale orders. Restaurants, bars, hotels can place an order for daily delivery of beautiful flowers like mixed roses, carnations etc for their dining places. Online flower shops offer attractive discounts on bulk order.


The top benefit of buying flowers online is that it is very convenient. Being able to send someone flowers without even leaving your home is a very attractive option for many buyers. All it takes is locating the flower seller of your choice, clicking a few times and we have ordered our flowers! This is great for people who work full-time and cannot get away long enough to go to a floral shop, as well as for elderly or disabled people who are unable to get out and about without great difficulty.

Selection and time

Another important benefit to buying flowers online is the selection. While many traditional floral shops have a nice variety of flowers, it is possible to get just about any type or colour of arrangement online. This is mainly because online flower retailers have connections all over the country and can fulfil our every desire, and quickly. We can also take our time and look through all of the flower choices at our leisure when shopping online. This is another benefit. Often times when we go into a flower shop we feel hurried. This can lead to shopper’s remorse. When we are online we can take hours to choose our flowers without any pressure are a time constraint.


Many local flower shops will deliver to the person of your choice, but they have a limit as to how far they will travel to do so. When we shop for flowers online, we can have them sent anywhere in Singapore, and many online flower shops will even deliver internationally. Plus, the delivery times are very competitive so we can get them to the recipient as quickly as needed – often within 24 hours.

Shopping locally

Overall, buying flowers online is becoming the method of choice for a large majority of people. This does not mean that traditional shops are in danger of going under, just that there is a bit more competition out there now. As technology evolves, many local florists are offering online ordering and partnering with the major e-commerce stores to fulfil their local orders. To read more about daily flowers bundles delivery, click here.