Features of wind farm vessel

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A wind farm vessel is a vessel specifically designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines. Almost like a jack up self-propelled liftboat. To enable fast relocation within the wind farm it is self-propelled. It additionally contains a slender ship-shaped hull to attain a fast turnaround time with the vessel carrying many foundations or wind turbines every time.

Much more than the vessel

Offshore wind farm projects are getting much more of a challenge, with turbines moving to deeper waters far from land. It is an entirely new situation with better human and financial risks. The installation task itself is moving from relatively protected positions to the harsh weather and waves of the high seas. Turbines are being installed altogether seasons. And everything is becoming much bigger and heavier.

That is why installing foundations and turbines in a progressively challenging world is not any longer a job for anyone with a vessel and a crew alone. The difference lies in the documentation, know-how, flexibility of the fleet, and cooperation.

Own vessels, own crews – a difference value knowing about

We maintain and operates a number of the industry’s most subtle vessels and equipment, specially designed for turbine installation. We presently have the best capability of any company within the offshore wind industry and continue to make important investments in larger and additional flexible vessels for the future. In doing so we can remain at the leading edge of the wind industry and our customers’ projects can still be carried out on time and on budget with excellence in safety.

We always use our own crews and operate and maintain our own vessels. This provides us absolute control over our work practices and means that we can make sure the highest standards of safety and quality.

The right tools for the work

Some wind farm planners prefer to specify the very latest generation of vessels for all their installation work. Yet in our expertise, that spans many various types of vessels and wind farms, the ability to pick and choose among completely different vessels is a must for efficient and cost-effective installation.

“If all you’ve got is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail,” “There is not any space for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach once it involves selecting that vessels are right for the work. Instead, what customers are best served by being a flexible fleet, which will be organized to precisely fit the task? “Looking for Liftboat for windfarm, visit Thong Yong Marine Group now!